After the huge success of the Festival of Light in early 2017, Swarovski Kristallwelten (Swarovski Crystal Worlds) is continuing the event in 2018. Untill to February 18, 2018, the Giant and its garden will be lit up by countless light and laser installations – and not just in the outdoor areas.

This time, the festival concept extends right into the Giant, where fabulous tales are woven around the Festival of Light. The black light disco in the playtower will also make children’s hearts beat faster, a light gala menu in Daniels Kristallwelten provides culinary delights, and you can admire the spectacle from a unique perspective on the new Giant Ferris Wheel. The days are shorter in winter, and at around 17:00 darkness already settles over the land.

But not at Swarovski Crystal Worlds: Here, things are just starting to shine bright during the Festival of Light to the February 18, 2018, beginning at 17:00. And since the 2018 light and laser concept extends into the Giant with interactive elements, the Festival of Light begins daily at 8:30.

Carla Rumler, Cultural Director Swarovski explains: “It is a mystical world full of light and fantasy that makes the Festival of Light a unique experience for the visitors of Swarovski Crystal Worlds. The boundaries between dream and reality become blurred, and each guest becomes a part of the fantastic stories told by the garden’s sparkling animals.” Here, during the Festival of Light, we do not say good night until 21:00 (instead of 19:30), and starting at 17:00, children up to the age of 14 are invited to enter the dream world free of charge. For EUR 15.00, adults receive a discounted evening ticket beginning at 17:00. When light tells stories During the Festival of Light, the lights in Swarovski Crystal Worlds come to life every 15 minutes and tell one of three stories. These are accompanied by breathtaking visual effects and specially created sounds. At the beginning of each story, a dream roulette takes a turn through the park because the Giant falls asleep and starts to dream. Perfectly tuned sound effects create a tension that discharges in swirling rays of light. During the shows, the visitors are accompanied by light figures in the shape of animals, which they encounter in various points in the park. Moose, squirrels, rabbits, and fireflies take on the role of narrator, guiding the visitors with humor and fantasy through the surreal, playful, and slightly crazy dreams of the Giant past the Giant Ferris Wheel, through the Chambers of Wonder and of course to the sparkling Crystal Cloud above the Mirror Pool.

About this special festival and Innsbruck,  here is the interview with Christopher Planth :

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(André Bouchard)

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